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The Great $5.00 Gift !    In Stock...Ready To Ship

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Includes Your Company Name Hot-Stamped on front, inside, or back

          The Things-To-Do Manager

$5.00 Net + tax, Free Delivery to your place of business within 20 mile radius of South Bend, Indiana,
(personal or business), otherwise add shipping costs.
Price Includes Your Company Name Hot-Stamped on Front, Inside, or Back... (company purchases only).        
Add $3.00 each for 1st Class Mail to Homes! ( $5.00 + $0.30 tax + $2.70 Postage )

The Absolute Best Way to keep track of Things-To-Do !
You'll Never Need Another List, and... No More Notes "Stuck All Over" !

Just Think About It... This tool allows you to Jot down your tasks as they develop, and then you can add them to the grid anywhere you want. You can quickly change what priority the task is, by re-arranging a few notes on the grid. When you complete a task, you just write "Done" on the note, and the date, and file it... or just throw it away.

Product Description... A Lightweight Vinyl Notebook ( same size as a standard pad-folio ) with the "Things-To-Do Grid" Printed on the inside-back cover. It uses standard-size 1-1/2" x 2" Sticky Notes available at all office supply stores. The pad of sticky-notes (included) is kept at the upper-right-hand corner of the Grid. You simply write your new task on the top note of the pad, then position it on the Grid.
Labels included...a sheet of labels that fit the small boxes at the Top and Left sides of the main grid are included. This gives you the option of typing or printing column labels and applying them to the label areas, identifying specific subject areas.

Price Includes Your Company Name Hot-Stamped on front, inside, or back
... (company purchases only).

For Work, School, or Home.

Great for BrainStorming New Projects.

Add, Move, or Change Tasks Without Re-Writing a List.

The Permanent Home for your Things-To-Do List. You'll never need to re-write another list.
No more Fear of Forgetting.

Labels if you like... The areas at the Top and Left are for Column Labels, and a sheet of labels is included (36 labels). You can label columns for specific priority levels like "Hot", "Medium", "Warm", or other Definitive Areas requiring attention.
Students can label the columns for particular classes or activities.
Black is the most popular color for give-aways,
but we have limited quantities of a Medium-Dark Blue, Medium-Light Blue,
and an "Earth-Tone Two-Tone" that is Light-Tan exterior and Medium-Green interior.

Any Quantity / Same Price - We are extending our best price to all, for a limited time. Buy just a Few for that Special Call, or for All Your Customers.
( Don't forget friends & family )

In Stock / Ready to Ship - We just need your Company Name for the Hot Stamp.
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Unique - This is a New Product Available for the First Time.

The Absolute Best Way to keep track of Things-To-Do !

A Simple but Powerful Tool that Really Helps.

A Gift they will Continue To Use, and Appreciate.

An Interesting Gift, Relevant to Business.

Displays 28 Tasks - Clear your desk and use your files

Fold back the cover, and it only takes up a letter-sized space

Portable - Desk, Briefcase, Counter, or by your easy chair

Private - close to hide all those things you haven't done

Fun and Easy to Use

No More Lists, No More Notes Stuck Everywhere

No Spoilage - Won't become Out-Dated

As a   Promotional Give-Away

As a   Employee Gift

As a     Fund-Raiser Item

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